The Most Epic Edmonton Proposal Ever

June 5, 2015

This feature goes out to all the women who dream of their fairytale moment!

Now. Just imagine, the man of your dreams gets down on one knee to propose to you in a sea of rose petals and a hundred glittering candles, while the sun sets behind you through ceiling-high windows in a privately reserved space some place downtown…You then think to yourself, “Can this be real life?” To answer that: Yes.

It is very much the reality of one lucky woman, Jenny Wei, who is now engaged to our client, Tony Vo.

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Tony came to us back in April seeking our expertise in event design and planning. Since then, we’ve executed the most scenic event of our existence thus far! We had a few meetings with him to process his extravagant ideas here and there, and our hearts melted every time. Tony was able to incorporate a lot of sentiment into his ideas, and to our advantage the Art Gallery of Alberta (which is where he had his first date with Jenny) was a great venue for us to work our designs into. He was definitely crowned heart throb of the year when he wanted to order 1454 roses for Jenny, to symbolize the number of days they had been dating. Eventually, those roses showed up to our studio and it was a photo opportunity we couldn’t miss! Although the roses were stunning as is, they were destined to be petal plucked according to plan. We had a vision for this beautiful colour gradient made out of an abundance of rose petals to cover an entire floor, and amidst the sea of rose petals would stand Tony and Jenny in the Art Gallery.

On May 16th the team had pieced together one magical experience. We scrambled around frantically that night to find hiding spots before Jenny arrived, and the gallery had to be completely cleared of bystanders; then when the time came for the lovely couple to have their perfect moment alone together… It was just Tony in his dapper red suit and his stunning fiancé soaking up all of our hard work. The lights were dimmed, the sun had set, and not one candle was left unlit! Serenade music played in the background, and the atmosphere just exuded romance! We even created a timeline with pictures from the last 1454 days they’ve dated. The pictures were strung along a spiral stairwell, meant for Jenny to follow as a trail. Poor Tony must’ve waited nervously for her while she made  her way up three flights of stairs! It was definitely a nerve-wracking moment in his life, but for a night never to be forgotten J’Adore Design and Events is so happy to be apart of it. Without a doubt, their love for one another will continue beyond this big milestone and the team congratulates Tony and Jenny on being happily engaged!

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Stay tuned for video footage.












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Article by : Destiny Ho

Event Planning: J’Adore Design and Events

Event Designing: J’Adore Design and Events

Floral: J’Adore Design and Events

Venue: Art Gallery Of Alberta    

Photography: Barbara Rahal Photography

Videography: Mad Science Media


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