Your corporate event is probably one of the most important marketing tools you have. It sets you apart from your competitors, gives you an opportunity to showcase your company and it gives you a unique platform to thank your customers.

Ensuring your corporate event is a success means making sure it is a true extension of your brand. Our corporate event specialists understand this, and will work with you to get a better sense of your company’s core values, corporate objectives, and your customer profiles. Using this information, we can design an event that really suits your business.

As with any of our events, we take care of all of the details – from booking a venue and selecting an ideal date to finding just the right ‘thank you’ gift for your attendees. We’ve been lucky to work with some amazing corporate clients throughout our history.


Event Design is a practice we live by at KS Events. It is the philosophy that an event is one expression of a bigger vision. We have developed a workflow that supports this philosophy and ensures that our clients all feel like we’ve done our job to understand what their event means to them and to those who attend.

As part of our event design process, we take the time to understand:

These are all factors that will have an impact on how we design the experience, both for the hosts as well as for the attendees. It’s what we use as a yardstick for making decisions that will impact the overall success of your event, and how you can hold us accountable for making the best decisions we can.

The event design should reflect how the invitations are designed, how the room is set up, the types of vendors we work with, and your overall experience. KS Events takes event planning a step further. We know how important it is to you. Let’s chat more about your next event

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