Love Captured – Top Tips for Destination Engagement Photos

July 13, 2015

What’s the best birthday gift you’ve ever received? A new laptop? The latest edition Iphone? How about a rock? And not just any rock, one that glitters and reflects mini rainbows right back at you under the Bali sun…If you’ve guessed what kind of fancy rock this is, then you’ll know that we’re talking about the diamond on Irene’s engagement ring that she received the week of her birthday :), and got to show off at her engagement photo shoot in Bali Indonesia!

The surprises and gifts don’t stop there for Irene! 2 weeks after their engagement, romantic Kevin proposed the idea for the 2 of them to fly to Bali and meet up with Axioo (Irene’s favorite photographers from Bali, who she’s found on Instagram and followed for the past 2 years) as he knew how much she loved their work, for them to shoot their engagement photos. From that genius idea, he booked them two roundtrip tickets to Bali and were well on their way to a nice Indonesian resort.

For those of you who are considering traveling internationally for your engagement photos here are a few tips from Kevin and Irene’s shoot based on their experiences to get you started on planning, so that you can get the most of your engagement photo sessions!


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Photographer involvement is very important not only for your trip but as a pseudo-tour guide in a foreign country

  • The couple met their photographer Ivan over Skype.
  • Ivan planned for a two-day photo shoot over 10 different exotic and scenic locations each day.
  • He was awesome at coaching the couple where to position them, and finding their “good-sides.”
  • On top of that, he knew of some good eats and places to visit for Kevin and Irene to go touring!

Hire a driver and style team

  • A personal driver and team of stylists also accompanied their photo taking in the two days they all spent together. Everyone that was a part of Kevin and Irene’s shoot played a crucial role in producing the wonderful pictures seen down below. From location scouting to wardrobe and hair, everything was planned well in advance. One of their shoots even used a bicycle as a prop, which paid homage to their anniversary where Kevin bought Irene a bicycle. The crew and couple traveled to traditional Bali settings, boutique cafes, and did spontaneous road stops in nature for unique captures.

Plan for long full days of shooting

  • They busied themselves everyday from 5AM to 7PM with a total of 10 outfit changes over the course of their shoot, and when Irene changed outfits she’d have to change hairstyles too. They even resorted to changing inside the van to make do with their surroundings at times!
  • The style team travelled with suitcases of clothes, and had to manage cooling down Irene and Kevin to keep them looking flawless under the blazing Bali sun. The experience made Kevin and Irene feel like celebrities, considering that their personal driver brought them from location to location in impressive costume and had a team of stylists chasing their tail. It was pampering, worthwhile, but exhausting they say!


  • Besides their own honeymoon, it may just be the most costly trip they’ll ever be on- having to pay for the travel accommodations of EVERYONE (including themselves), for both flight and hotel.
  • props in the photos and facility fees where the pictures were taken in
  • hiring a driver and van to take them and their team to different locations
  • a stylist to come up with locations and clothing styles that matched best with the locations location
  • hair and make-up artist that also accompanied the couple for the entire 2 days
  • internationally renowned photographers can be costly just to book!!!

If you’re thinking of a destination to take your engagement photos, then know that it will be an experience unlike any other. Be prepared to witness breath-taking views, and getting to know the colorful locals from overseas. Also, watch for the weather during the time of travel. The heat in some exotic locations, like Indonesia, can be an up hill battle if you’re wearing a gown or tux. The stylists were blotting the sweat off of them every five minutes it seemed! It’s especially important to stay hydrated while being out all day like Kevin and Irene. Although thinking about it, you may sweat and loose a pound or two; while producing spectacular engagement photos in some of the most scenic places of the world.

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KEIR0126 KEIR0218

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KEIR1262 KEIR1038 KEIR1024

KEIR1284 KEIR1195 KEIR1074

KEIR1121 KEIR0985-2

KEIR0514 KEIR0385 KEIR0349

ERAI9981 ERAI9952 ERAI9898

ERAI9413 ERAI9375 ERAI9265

Photography: Axioo

Make-up Artist: Momiji Makeup Artist


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