J’Adore Mischief #1 : 1 Week Fashion Challenge

June 29, 2015

With all that we do at J’Adore Design and Events, it’s nice for the team to breakaway from all the craziness that goes on at the studio. In doing so, the team has come up with a fun series called #jadoremischief to document all of our different adventures in and around the studio. We’ll be looking to try things that’ll spice up a typical work day or tap into old skill sets we never really get to show case. Yes–all of our hidden talents will be revealed and the world will get to know the artistic J’Adore team for whom they really are. Here at the studio, there is never a dull moment and we like to make sure of that. To keep up with #jadoremischief, follow us on our personal Facebook and Instagram pages to see what’s going on!

For the first #jadoremischief posting, Sam and Destiny did a 5-day look-book of their work attire. Their busy week was filled with client meetings, location scouting, and chill design days at the studio. While all of that was happening behind the scenes of our big weekend events, they can never miss the opportunity to dress up while under the public eye. The two of them didn’t know what to expect taking on the routine of a fashion blogger, although they admit it was hard documenting their looks day-by-day. In the end they managed putting together 5 looks each, and agreed to keep off the look-books for awhile.

Stay tuned for some more #jadoremischief as the team will take on random but fun challenges from month to month.

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Monday's Look

Tuesday's Look Wednesday's Look Thursday's Look Friday's Look

Location of Monday’s Look: J’Adore office

Location of Tuesday’s Look: Hotel MacDonald

Location of Wednesday’s Look: J’Adore Office

Location of Thursday’s Look: Art Gallery of Alberta

Location of Friday’s Look: J’Adore office


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