J’Adore Design and Events  is a full service event company that specializes in creating event experiences for any audience. We’ve developed a proprietary workflow for planning events, called Event Design, which helps us turn our clients’ events into true experiences for their guests. Each event is designed according to the hosts’ core values & objectives, which creates a framework for the entire event planning process. We manage events from beginning to end, including budget development, venue selection, vendor contracts, procurement, and on-site experience.

J’Adore Design and Events is a full-service event design company in Edmonton, AB that aims to make you and your guests feel like they were part of a cohesive experience, from the time they receive their invitation up until the minute they leave your event.

Creating a memorable event goes beyond logistics. The layout, the décor, the food and all of the other details play an important part in bringing a vision to life and creating a lasting impression.

At J’Adore Design and Events we work with our clients to understand the objective of their events and what impact they hope it will have on their guests. From there, we collaborate with our team and yours, as well as our network of experts, to carry out all aspects of your event.

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